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For a better insight into the Institute’s past, we turned to the people who would know it best -- former patients and employees. Become immersed in Kennedy Krieger's rich history as you watch these individuals recall their fondest memories from their time at the Institute and give their thoughts on what makes Kennedy Krieger such a special place to work and receive care.

Changing the Model:


Betty Lou DriverOne of the Institute's first patients, Betty Lou Driver talks about the profound impact that Institute founder Dr. Winthrop Phelps had on her life, helping her realize her potential in becoming a public school and college graduate, a physical therapist, and an autobiographer.

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Peter RiddlebergerFormer Institute patient Peter Riddleberger talks about the dedication and resilience he sees in the parents of Kennedy Krieger patients and the state-of-the-art equipment current patients have available to them.

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Charles Silberstein, MDAn attending orthopedic surgeon at the Institute, Dr. Charles Silberstein discusses the uniqueness of Institute founder Dr. Winthrop Phelps and his approach to treating developmental disabilities, as well as the many patients he has continued to treat throughout their lifespans.

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Susan HarrymanFormer director of physical therapy, Susan Harryman, discusses the importance of including families into children's therapies, as well as the growth of assistive technology driven by Dr. Winthrop Phelps' original vision.

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Leading the Way:


Michael Bender, EdDFormer vice president of educational programs, Dr. Michael Bender, talks about the unique educational setting and interdisciplinary approach found in the Institute's school programs, as well as the evolution and growth of these programs he witnessed during his time at the Institute.

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Robin Church, EdDIn addition to speaking about the evolution and growth of the Institute's educational programs, current vice president of educational programs, Dr. Robin Church, comments on the pioneering spirit and sense of fulfillment that characterize Kennedy Krieger school employees.

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Ann MoserAnn Moser, manager of the peroxisomal diseases laboratory at Kennedy Krieger, discusses her research and how she and her husband, Dr. Hugo W. Moser, worked to establish basic research and professional training programs at the Institute.

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Bruce Shapiro, MDDr. Bruce Shapiro, vice president of training at the Institute and the associate director of "Leadership Education Excellence in Caring for Children with Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities" (LEND), presents the history of Kennedy Krieger's professional training programs.

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Expanding the Possibilities:


Gary Goldstein, MDCurrent Institute president and CEO, Dr. Gary Goldstein, discusses the research opportunities that drew him to the Institute, the community and government support that helps fund the Institute, and the impact of technological advancements in the fields of brain imaging and genomics.

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